McCoy (Audubon McCoy)
Reg Number: 5534230

2013 Gray AQHA Gelding
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McCoy (Audubon McCoy) is a beautiful, 9-year-old, AQHA grey gelding. He is grey with dapple grey coloring on his hip and legs. McCoy stands 15.1 1/2 hands and weighs 1250 lbs. McCoy has a beautiful head, strong topline and huge hip. He is thick-made and has the size of hoof and bone to hold up. McCoy is gentle and has a nice handle. He has mostly been used as a ranch horse. He has pushed cattle and been used to check the broodmare band. He rides good outside and will handle tough terrain. He has been used as a trail horse and does a nice job crossing anything in his path. McCoy also will ropes both on the head side and heel side. He has a lot run and puts you in the right spot. He would be best suited for a higher number roper because of his speed and agility. He would also be a great barrel horse prospect as he has the run and athleticism. McCoy has no vices, is easy to shoe and load in the trailer. He will stand quietly tied and to be groomed. If you are looking for an attractive, thick-made, athletic ranch or rope horse- McCoy is for you! If you have any questions on McCoy, please call Jared at 563-543-6355. 


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